Still trying to decide where your Bachelor / Bachelorette Party will eat after a day on the lake?

Austin has become quite the foodie city. When a new restaurant opens in town we expect it to be AWESOME because otherwise there’s no way it will last… the competition is too good. The food is too good.

So I wanted to let you know about some of the best spots to eat in downtown Austin for the bachelor/bachelorette party you’re planning this very moment. Some have the best food in town, others have great ambiance, and still others that are simply better for large groups.  You will probably get all dressed up for a stylish and sophisticated dinner one night, but the next you just need to get 14 people fed after boozing all day on the lake while most are in cut-off shorts, Karen has her tanktop on inside-out, and there’s a combined 3 broken flip flops.  Either way, you can still eat well and get a taste of Texas.


Chuy’s – This is my personal favorite which means it’s the best.  Due to being so awesome, they have expanded to many other cities and states so perhaps you’ve already had it, but Austin is OG. The location on Barton Springs Road isn’t huge and usually packed, so I wouldn’t recommend taking a group of more than 6 or 7 here without a super long wait because they don’t do reservations.

Uncle Julio’s – Great location downtown, very large and well decorated space, takes reservations and has strong margaritas.  The food isn’t the most authentic but it’s still good, and for all of these reasons it’s an easy choice for large groups looking to get their Tex-Mex on.

Matt’s El Rancho – An Austin classic. Matt’s doesn’t take reservations, but it is does have several large tables. In fact, I have never been here with a group smaller than 8 people because it’s great for larger groups- just drink margaritas while you wait. Order the Bob.


Lambert’s – Gourmet BBQ with a few unexpected things on the menu. Prices aren’t cheap, but the food is excellent and the atmosphere is casually sophisticated. It’s also got a beautiful bar and music lounge upstairs.

Freedmen’s – Sells itself as a bar/lounge/beer garden/BBQ joint. You can find better BBQ elsewhere, but Freedmen’s has created a relaxed and charming space, and the BBQ is still better than you’ll find outside Texas state lines.

Cooper’s – This is Texas BBQ. The original Cooper’s in Llano, TX has been a BBQ lover’s destination for decades but now Austin has its very own joint in the heart of downtown.  It’s a beautiful thing. You will read Franklin Barbeque and La Barbeque are the best and I won’t dispute that, but unless you are a true smoked meat connoisseur and you feel like waiting in line for 4-5 hours in the Texas heat, you won’t care. So just go to Cooper’s.


Salty Sow – Is one of my favorite restaurants in Austin.  American gastropub with a unique and delicious menu from appetizers on through dessert. Delicious cocktails, laid back space, and only two miles removed from the loud streets of downtown. Plus, they take reservations.

Piranha Killer Sushi – I’m always down for sushi, but for some reason all of Austin’s best sushi restaurants are located just outside of downtown (except for Uchi, but that’s not a place I would put on this list unless you’re dropping some major dough).  Piranha is not the sexiest restaurant in town but it’s nice and the sushi is good if that’s what y’all are in the mood for. Saké!!

Still in the mood for Asian?  I hear the dumplings at Wu Chow are incredible, but I haven’t checked it out yet.

La Condesa – High-end interior Mexican food. Wait, isn’t that an oxymoron?!  Still, this restaurant is beautiful and so are the people who dine there.  I think it’s overpriced for what you get, but the food is good and the location is excellent. I dare you to reserve their underground private dining room.

Seersucker– Large, open, trendy American restaurant.  Perfect for large groups. I think their brunch is better than their dinner menu, but this is a safe bet and you’ll feel cool no matter what meal you go for.

Trace – Inside the W Hotel is very popular. The food is excellent and this is great for people-watching as it is definitely a place to see and be seen.

Ah Sing Den – I’ve only had appetizers and cocktails here once but the menu looks great and this is the most beautifully decorated restaurant in the city. East side!

If you choose one of these restaurants or one of the many other awesome place in downtown Austin, the great thing is many have created a unique menu and atmosphere that will leave y’all impressed… and full.

-Captain Andrew

P.S. Food trucks are HUGE here. There are several food truck congregations around town (Rainey Street, East 6th Street, S. 1st Street, etc.) where everyone can order what they want. Check it out if y’all want to keep things super casual.

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