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Don’t know which Lake to choose? Lake Austin vs. Lake Travis?

We want to party, and be around others who are in the same mind set.

No worries, we have you covered. Both lakes boast very popular “party coves”.

LA: Lake Austin’s party scene is located across from the 360 boat ramp at the “360 Cove” or “Bull Creek Cove.” Party Cove Lake Austin is a shallow, very sheltered cove that completely fills up with travelers and locals alike. It’s only accessible by boat and gives a “house party” type feel in the sense that’s there’s a lot of people in a smaller space.

LT: Devils Cove located across from Hudson Bend is always a bustlin’ place from kayakers to large yachts. This is a mecca for people coming together to have some fun in the sun. Lake Travis’ Party Cove (Devils Cove) would best be described big concert or large nightclub in the sense that there’s a lot of people, deep water and a big venue.

We’re just looking for a family friendly cruise.

No problem, the captains at KAW know both lakes and will find a quiet spot for the kids to get out and swim. Both lakes are adorned with huge mega mansions dominating the cliffside of both lakes.

We’re staying in Austin and want a lake that’s close by.

One of the biggest differences between the lakes is the distance to travel getting there, so make sure you plug the directions into your favorite GPS app and check it out before booking! Our Lake Austin launch location is 11 miles from Downtown Austin and our Lake Travis launch location is 17 miles from Downtown Austin. 

We want to stop and get something to eat or grab drinks.

We like to remind everyone that KAW does allow food on board (please leave messy snacks at home) and highly recommends to take full advantage of your hourly boat time by spending that time on the boat (or in the water!) instead of at a restaurant (that you can technically get to by car) standing in line or waiting at typically VERY popular places to eat with long wait times.

With all that being said, if you’re still wanting to grab some grub while your out, Lake Austin might be the best bet with it’s 2 restaurants on the lake with boat access, Hula Hut and Ski Shores. Lake Travis’ closest restaurant with boat access is the Emerald Point Bar & Grill. The Gnarly Gar and Sundancer Grill is about 14 miles up river to where we meet and would take about 2 hours round trip, not including the time spent at the restaurant.

We want to do water sports!

Both lakes provide great spots to shred it up! Check out which boats have the sports your group wants to partake in and choose the appropriate lake. Unfortunately, we can not move boats to different lakes.

At the end of the day, you can not go wrong with either lake when it comes to the party scene, things to do and good water to partake in watersports. Both lakes will deliver!

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