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Where are you located?

All rentals are at Paradise Cove Marina in Hudson Bend (17141 Rocky Ridge Rd, Austin, TX 78734). 

Do you offer Jet Skis?

No, just boats. Check out for local jet ski rental companies.

Chartered vs Self Captained.

All our watercraft rentals require a Keep Austin Wet Captain, and guests are not allowed to drive the boats. Check out our Stellar Google Reviews to see that KAW takes pride in the vetting and training of all our captains to ensure that you can just sit back and relax while one of our qualified captains handles everything

Do you have an age limit?

Nope, all ages are welcome! We have Coast Guard-approved life jackets from Infant-2XL. You must be at least 21 years of age to rent the boat. 

Can we be picked up anywhere else?

Our pick-up/drop-off location is Paradise Cove Marina. Contact the office before booking if you’d like to inquire about pick up/drop off at a private residence with a deep water dock (additional fees apply). We can not do pick-ups/drop-offs at other marinas or Travis County or LCRA parks.

Do you provide transportation?

No, we’re sad to report our sister company “Keep Austin Wet Party Bus Rentals” closed its doors at the end of 2021. We recommend rideshare companies or another local tour bus company to get you to and from the lake!

Can we go out on Lake Austin?

Unfortunately, no. In 2020 we stopped operating on Lake Austin. Lake Travis is the only lake we service.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Open PDF.


What comes INCLUDED with a boat rental? 

– Experienced KAW captain
– Fuel
– Trash cans/bags
– All Safety Gear (including life jackets for all sizes: Infant – 2XL)
– Bluetooth Stereo System
– Cooler (no ice)
– Inflator (upon request)

30’ & 32’ DOUBLE DECKERS – Aqua Lily Pad Float, Stand Up Paddle Board, Slides (x2), Upgraded sound system with subwoofer, 165qt Cooler
PONTOONS – Aqua Lily Pad Float, Stand Up Paddle Board, 65qt Cooler
SURF/WAKE BOAT – Surf and Wakeboards (kids sizes available), Tube (upon request), Onboard heater, Wetsuits (upon request), 45qt Cooler

Are there participation waivers to fill out in advance?

Each guest must complete a participation waiver online, we recommend having this done before arriving at the marina. Guests 17 and under must have a parent/guardian complete for them. 

FILL OUT THE WAIVER: 13 Person Pontoon | Party Barges & Surf/Wake

Can we bring alcohol? Do you provide alcohol packages?

You can absolutely bring your own. Sit back and relax as KAW captains take care of it all for you! We do not provide any alcohol. (No glass containers or jello shots.)

Is there shade on the boat?

ALL our boats offer some sort of shade. Our pontoons and surf boat have Bimini tops, and the double-deckers have a second story, providing shade below.

Where do you go on the lake during a boat rental?

Our most requested destination and most popular “party” spot on the lake is the legendary “Devil’s Cove”. But we can accommodate all different types of vibes from sightseeing the beautiful lake specific landmarks to calm coves. For our sports enthusiasts, we will always try to find you the best water we can. See below for restaurants information. Contact us if you have specific requests or questions!

How early should we arrive before our rental?

We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes early. We highly recommend having all your participation waivers completed upon arrival, so you’re not wasting time on the docks, potentially causing your group to start late. Your rental begins at your scheduled time, we do not compensate for late arrivals.

Can we bring a cooler?

All our boats come with coolers provided. There’s no extra room for hard coolers on our Pontoons or Surf/Wake Boat, but there’s extra space to bring additional coolers on our double-deckers only. However, there is a long walk from the parking lot to where the boats are, so pack accordingly.

Are there bathrooms?

None of our boats have bathrooms. There are porta-potties located in the parking lot/drop-off area before entering on to marina. KAW does NOT maintain these facilities. If you’re in need while out on the water, let your captain know, and they can take you to the nearest ship store (gas station on the water).

Do you provide ice? Where should we get ice?

No, there’s no ice for sale at our marina. The closest places to purchase ice: Party Time Ice (4415 Hudson Bend Rd – In the parking lot of Sailboat Shop) and 7-Eleven (3636 Ranch Rd 620 N).

Can we bring dogs?

We do not allow dogs (or any pets) on our boats unless they’re a service animal. 

Can we swim in the lake?

Absolutely! Let your captain know you want time to swim, and they’ll take you to a safe spot to drop anchor and let the group enjoy the water.

Can we bring floaties?

Absolutely. We have inflators available upon request. Best practice: confirm with your captain that there’s an inflator on board and working before leaving marina. Keep in mind that extra-large floaties can sometimes be a hindrance. If floaties jeopardize safety, the captain could ask you to deflate and stow.

Can we bring more people on board than what’s listed online? 

No. This is for everyone’s safety. The totals do NOT include the KAW Captain. 
30ft Double Decker: 22
32ft Double Decker: 25
24ft Pontoon: 13
Surf Boat: 10


What’s the deposit & is it refundable?

Our deposit is 50% of the total amount (but before the captain’s fee/min gratuity) to make your reservation. We offer refunds on cancellations made 15 days before the rental date. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information. Our 6% booking fee is non-refundable in ALL cancel situations.

How do I pay the remaining balance on my reservation? When is the rest of the payment due? Can I pay it early? 

The card used to reserve your rental is saved to your reservation to be processed for the remaining balance after your rental has been completed. If you’d like to use a different card at the time of checkout, you’re welcome to update the card information with your captain. Please limit the checkout process to ONE card. You can add the captain gratuity to the card at that time or you can bring cash for your captain.

Can we pay in cash for our rental?

We do not accept cash as payment for the rental. You’re welcome to pay the captain’s fee/gratuity in cash.

How do we pay gratuity?

Captains will always prefer their gratuity in cash. The second best, for most, is Venmo. You can always add gratuity to the card on file at the end of the rental. (We do not allow split payments on the day of the rental.)

What is gratuity based on?

We base gratuity on hourly price and any add-ons (additional hours, pick-up fees, etc.) Before booking fees and taxes. There is a minimum 20% gratuity for all rentals.

Can we split payments?

No, we require only one form of payment per rental.

Do we pay for gas?

No. Fuel is included in the hourly price.
Due to raising gas prices, there is an $100 fuel surcharge added to all Surf/Wake boat rentals.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer all veterans, active military, and first responders $50 off their total rental. (Not valid with any other discounts or promotions.)


Do you have life jackets?

Yes, all our boats come with Coast Guard-approved adult-size life jackets. We do provide children’s life jackets, and kids under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket at all times.

Can you tube behind the pontoon boats?

We do not allow tubing (or any other towable sports) behind our pontoon boats, including the double-deckers. We only allow this behind our wake/surf boat.

Can your captains teach us how to surf and/or wakeboard?

YES! All our captains who operate the Surf/Wake boat can help you learn. All ages welcome.

What’s an Aqua Lily Pad Float?

A 6ft x 18ft floating foam mat that acts as a floating island for you and your group to play, run and relax on. A lily pad comes with every 24ft pontoon boat or double-decker rental. These are not available for individual rental.

What’s a SUP board?

SUP stands for: Stand up paddle board. Stand up paddle boarders stand on boards that are floating on the water and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. We are the only boat rental company on Lake Travis that offers this!

Can we get another SUP board?

No, we outfit all our boats with special holding racks to keep the SUP boards out of the way and secure while the boat is moving. We can not accommodate more than what we advertise on each boat.

What sports do you offer?

We offer wake surfing and wakeboarding. Skiing and tubing available upon request. We have kid sizes of all equipment.

Can we rent a lily pad/SUP/tube without a boat rental?

No, we do not rent out our equipment.

Can we fish on your boats? Do you provide fishing equipment?

Yes, you are welcome to fish off any of our boats. We’re not a “fishing guide” company, so come prepared with all the equipment and documentation required (everyone over 12 needs a fishing license). Our captains (unless they’re fisherman themselves) are not trained on the “fishing spots” on Lake Travis.


Can we bring food on the boat?

Absolutely, but please leave messy snacks at home. We highly recommend taking full advantage of your hourly boat time by spending that time on the boat (or in the water!) instead of at a restaurant.
Undesirable food items on boats: Cheetos, Doritos, red wine, anything crumbly-like chips, or foods that stains.
Great food items: fresh fruit, sandwiches, beef jerky, cheese & meat trays, popcorn.

Do you provide food or catering services?

At this time, we do not offer catering services. 
Tip: There are many restaurants in the area that you can pick up on your way to the Marina. We suggest this over “lake restaurants” any day. See FAQ to learn more.

What restaurants can we go to by boat? What do you recommend?

Shack 512 – Trendy food spot and bar. Seasonal hours.
Beachside Billy’s – Restaurant at a waterpark in Volente. 
Sundancer Grill – Relaxed/casual restaurant and bar. Cheap happy hour!
Canyon Grille – Upscale-casual American restaurant at Rough Hollow Yacht Club
Captain Pete’s Boathouse – Floating restaurant & bar.
Lighthouse Restaurant – typically too far out of the way.
Vincent’s on the Lake – restaurant at Emerald Point Marina – CLOSED
The Oasis is NOT accessible by boat.
Contact us if you have specific requests or questions!

Is there a grill? Can we bring a grill?

We do not offer grills on and for liability reasons do not allow them on our boats.


Can we smoke on board?

Smoking is not allowed on our boats but in the event someone does and burns a hole anywhere you will be charged $500 minimum per burn hole. We do allow vaping/electronic cigarettes on board.

If my group doesn’t max the capacity out, will KAW fill the spots with other people? Is the rental private?

The boat is 100% yours. We do not mix groups, they’re always private tours.

Can we have a DJ? 

Unfortunately, our boats are not set up with the correct electrical wattage to support a DJ.

What accommodations do you offer for people with disabilities?

Please contact us in advance to talk about specific requested accommodations so we can be prepared to show everyone a good time out on the water.



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