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Think you need to travel all the way to the ocean to surf? Think again! Wakesurfing allows you to hop on a board and ride those magical waves only surf boats can make. Boat rental companies like Keep Austin Wet have expert instructors on deck to help you level up your skills — from complete beginner to experienced shredder. The thing is, Austin is home to two well-known lakes, Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Does one blow the other out of the water? Let’s find out! 

Room to Ride

If you’re ready to free-ride the endless wave, Lake Travis is where it’s at. At an impressive 64 miles long, it’s Austin’s largest lake. Beyond that, it has a max width of 1.5 miles, which means there’s always more than enough room for everyone to flex their skills. Lake Austin, on the other hand… not so much. It’s only 21 miles long and has a very cramped vibe.  If that didn’t give you a clear idea, consider this: Lake Austin only has 1,600 surface acres while Lake Travis boasts nearly 19,000! Need I say more?

No Vibes Only

A lake that’s big enough for everyone is one thing, but there is something else about the water that can make or break your surf sesh. I’m talking about vibes. No, not the feely-good kind that set the mood, but water vibrations. The wave that a specialized surf boat produces is truly essential for creating a great surf run, but not every lake is equipped to handle all those waves that are constantly forming on the water’s surface. 

A wave doesn’t simply stop, it continues on until it reaches the water’s edge. Best case scenario, you have a natural shoreline paired with a deep body of water that can disperse and absorb the wave. Luckily, that dynamic duo can be found at Lake Travis. Lake Austin, though, is much more shallow and mostly bordered by a man-made sea wall. That means waves are continuously hitting the wall, sending the wave back into the water. The result is an unsteady, “washing machine” feeling — not the best for a smooth, clean ride.

Where to Be Worry Free

You’re ready to spend your day having a carefree, fun-filled experience. That means entering the water without worrying about a thing.  Unfortunately, Lake Austin has a few limitations that could pump the brakes on your wakesurfing experience. 

No wake zones are a known obstacle at this already small lake. If you’re thinking, “No big deal, I’ll just take a break and go for a swim,” then think again. According to, most of Lake Austin’s shoreline is private, and swimming within 50 feet is forbidden. A typical day of wakesurfing on Lake Austin is often spent waving other boats out of your way because there is just not enough room to safely maneuver in such a tight space.

The Best Lake Travis Wakesurf Rental

Our goal is to Keep Austin Wet, not put a damper on your experience. That’s why we operate our brand new wakesurf boat right out of Lake Travis. The 2023 Supreme S240 is fully loaded with everything you need for the ride of your life, from surfboards and life jackets to a bangin’ Wet Sounds stereo system. Plus, the QuickSurf System provides state-of-the-art wake customization on 4800 lbs of ballast. Not to mention, professional onboard instruction ensures everyone’s ready to level up their surf game. 

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