What to pack for your Lake Travis boat rental:

  • Best rule of thumb, bring the least amount of stuff as possible. It’s about a 200 yard (2 football fields) not shaded, walk from the parking lot to where the boats are kept. No golf cart or cart service 🙁
    • Don’t bring anything that can’t get wet, put things in waterproof cases if not waterproof itself.  
    • Leave anything valuable at home, expensive sunglasses, jewelry, including smart devices (iwatches etc.) We have seen so many people lose wedding/engagement rings, class rings, priceless family heirlooms, designer sunglasses. Important items never to be seen again. 
  • People always forget ice! We provide coolers, but there’s no ice machine or store at our marina.  You have to purchase food, beverages and ice before you get to the marina. 
  • Sun protection. Don’t forget your SPF and a hat. The Texas sun is brutal!
  • Water. Stay hydrated.
NON NECESSITIES – but highly recommended!:
  • Beverages and snacks. Alcoholic drinks and boat friendly food welcome.
  • A good playlist. All our boats have speakers that you connect to via bluetooth. 
  • Towels are not provided, and most of the year they’re best for protection against a hot seat. 
  • Glass. Beer bottles. If you want to bring champagne for a toast or a liquor bottle to make mixed drinks, these are fine  
  • DJ equipment/generators speakers
  • Food/drink items that have red dye, red wine, glitter, silly string or anything that could stain the boat – up to a $500 fee if boat gets damage.
  • Jello shots, water balloons, confetti or anything that could pollute the lake.
  • Pets. Of course, we allow service animals on board.
  • Cigarettes/cigars or anything that involves a lighter. It gets windy and the embers can accidentally burn a hole in the vinyl seats. We charge a minimum of $500 per burn hole. Vapes and e-cigarettes are okay.
Don’t Forget…
  • Transportation. We will always recommend setting up rides with a local tour bus company over a rideshare company like Lyft and Uber because of how unreliable it can be trying to coordinate rides going home.

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